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Faiadodec0res is a small experimental atelier for architecture, craft & illustration. It is located in the rural Galicia and run by Paula Cores Barral (1990, Meis). Col. 5028. The fieldwork goes through all levels of representation, and seeks to achieve the needed harmony and respectfulness with the environment.

In turn, faiadodec0res is the mean where Paula shares part of her PhD investigation at the UDC about ruins & territory, focused on the Galician region.

*credits to hannah anthonysz for the portrait.


PhD in Architecture and Urbanism at University of A Coruña (ETSA A Coruña), SP [2020 – now].

Master of Architecture (with Honors) at Fontys University (AAS Tilburg), NL [2015 – 2019].

Architecture at University of A Coruña (ETSA A Coruña), SP [2008 – 2015].

High School in Science at I.E.S. Sánchez Cantón (CGTD Pontevedra), SP [2006 – 2008].


Proyectopía, Pontevedra – SP [January 2020 – January 2021]. Architect.

Ontwerplab, Tilburg – NL [September 2018 – May 2019]. Junior Architect.

Jvantspijker, Rotterdam – NL [January 2018 – July 2018]. Junior Architect.

Lilith Ronner van Hooijdonk, Rotterdam – NL [May 2017]. Architect. Internship.

Krill Architecture, Rotterdam – NL [November 2016 – April 2017]. Architect. Internship.

Studio Pekka, Den Bosch – NL [September 2015 – June 2016]. Architect. Internship.

FBW Architecten, Utrecht – NL [September 2014 – May 2015]. Architect. Erasmus+.

CN Galaico, Pontevedra – SP [September 2006 – July 2014]. Swimmer, national level.


Nominee. Archiprix NL 2020. From the rural ashes Project [June 2020].

Honorable Mention. RCC Competition. ArchMedium (extinct). Creases Project [September 2017].

Galician Swimming Records. 4x100m medley relay (Butterfly). C.N.Galaico [December 2010 & July 2011].


Book Archiprix 2020Henk van der Veen. Nai010 Publishers. From the rural ashes Project [June 2020].

Article From the rural ashes at Archiprix 2020 NL website. Edition 2020 [June 2020].

Article From the rural ashes – Archiprix 2020 at ArchiNed [May 2020].

Book Goodbye Architecture. Studio Pekka. Nai010 Publishers. Collaboration [June 2018].


P: +34 626 28 66 58





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