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‘a neighborhood to be reborn’


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‘community’ project in A Coruña.

When a crisis come, the first one to suffer are the weaklings. In A Coruña it’s happening in the core of the city where a neighborhood is hidden and disconnected. There, many shops and buildings are empty and damage.

pescadería norte, the hidden neighborhood.
Nevertheless, the inhabitants don’t want to lose the hope to reborn again. Without the help of any institution, they become to organize new events and initiatives to bring light to the neighborhood and become alive again.
a fab-lab as a help tool for the neighbors.

In this urban context, it’s located my last assignment and step in the university: A Fab-Lab. The Fab-Lab would be the last tool the neighbors will need to make their dreams true and help the neighborhood and themselves as well to be reborn.

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fab-lab + community.

The entire neighborhood will be the owner, as a cooperative, in order to finance, manage and use it. And everyone will be welcome.


all welcome, the street into a building.

the idea of community made into a building.
In terms of architecture, the entire idea is ‘build community’ throughout the principal of ‘ubuntu’ (I’m because we are) and two interventions: the fab-lab (a tool) and the street of San Andrés (to connect the neighbor with the city again).
working spaces.




Architect: Paula Cores Barral

Type of project: academic project, final degree thesis (ETSA A Coruña)  

Phase: definitive design and detailing             

Topic: urban facility, fab-lab                           

Place: A Coruña (SP)                                             

Year: 2015          

Mentor(s): Luz Paz Agras

* under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0


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