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‘a communal space to store water’


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‘share’ project in Den Bosch.

Water and a biomimicry point of view were the main theme to take into account leading ‘Share’. Our planet and world need to be looking from another perspective, paying attention to the way  nature works to come across with efficient solutions.


infiltration problem.

In this project the focus was on the infiltration problem and, throughout my own experience, I propose a pavilion which would work as a experience for the visitors with soils and plants.


the experience of infiltration.

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types of flora and soil in the Netherlands.

‘Share’ is a laboratory to test the different types of soils in the Netherlands in combination with their flora, as well as a community space that stores the water, which has been used to test the soil.

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space for the community.

This water will be collected underground and clean throughout natural process, and the community around will have free access to it. They could be independent from companies in a basic source as it is water.

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water  storage for the community.



Architect: Paula Cores Barral

Type of project: academic project, 1ºyear Master (AAS Tilburg)

Phase: schematic design

Topic: rural facility, water pavilion

Place: Den Bosch (NL)

Year: 2016

Mentor(s): Lidia Fraaije and Rick Rickenberg

* under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0