A: together +

 ‘a new experience of buying food’



‘together’ project in OIRSCHOT.

‘1/30 of the farm buildings in the Netherlands will became empty’ was the start point for the ECO(NOMO)LOGY STUDIO and the methodology used was designing by research, and Oirschot the location.

ECO_farms history

ECO_farms history

evolution of farms in Oirschot.

Therefore ‘Together’ Project is a help tool against vacancy farms. It’s a research based on farms in Oirschot which come with a strategy for the area and materialized on a space, allowing the farmers to keep and improve their jobs.

Eco_farm land_

master plan for Oirschot.

The space (located in three remarkable spots and developed a proposal in one of them) is based in a NEW EXPERIENCES of BUYING FOOD. It’s organised as a FARM-COOPERATIVE where the farmers are the members and they could sell their products, promote themselves in the neighbourhood and build relationships with the citizens.


location 01: the courtyard as a place to all meet.

Citizens would have the opportunity to leave their money in the neighbourhood and contribute to its sustainable and integrated development.

ECO_view interior

location 01: nature, farms, people and animals coming together.



Architect: Paula Cores Barral

Type of project: academic project, 3ºyear Master  (AAS Tilburg)

Phase: definitive design               

Topic: rural facility, market            

Place: Oirschot (NL)                                             

Year: 2017           

Mentor(s): Saline Verhoeven and Dingeman Deijs

* under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0


ECO_sketchs 01 copia