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‘places where we can meet, connect and take care’



‘where we meet’ project in Tilburg.

‘Where we meet’ is a project which starts from stories and aims to solve the needs which come from it. The location is ’t Zand (Tilburg); the theme, care and living in the future; the guide line: interviews with the neighbors and institutions.

R_171207 argument

S_'t Zand 04

both, people and place.

Neighbours are disconnected and need improvements. The urban space is rigid and turn the back to allow social interactions.

Captura de pantalla 2019-11-05 a las 23.50.46

broken the inaction buildings.

The most significant building which gather this conditions is placed in Statenlaan; and herewith we will try to turn it around and upside down in order to make spaces where we can meet, connect and take care.

S_180405 section

architecture for a social interaction.

/Users/paulacoores/x_/work/03_Society/01 production/dwg/S_180321

first floor.

The project finds its meaning and base in the concept of ‘architecture for maintenance’ (to build a chain of help between neighbors) and social interaction (to avoid one of the future treatment for the society, the  dementia).


‘where  we (can) meet’.




Architect: Paula Cores Barral

Type of project: academic project, 3º year Master (AAS Tilburg)

Phase: definitive design

Topic: collective housing, restoration

Place: Tilburg (NL)

Year: 2018

Mentor(s): Johan de Wachter and Carry Rosenblatt







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